sexta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2011


"They" never tell you what is important to be told...

What matters and what doesn't. They never tell you how beautiful the world is. How wonderful or challenging it is. And they never tell you how small you are in this giant Universe. But it doesn't matter how small or weak you are... you can always face your destiny and change whatever doesn't suit you. It's your own fuckin' life after all. And that facing this challenging world makes you a little bit bigger every time. That giant Universe can actually be reached with one single step. You just need the balls to start walking. And then, then you can find yourself anywhere you want.

They never tell you that the old white-bearded guy in the red suit in December, that were the reason for your good behavior in the last few months, is actually a "pretend to be funny" uncle that gets fatter every year. They never tell you how important is to play with your friends on the streets next home, running around the whole day long. They never tell you how the 70's has the best music that could be invented. And how good you feel when you play your first song on the guitar. And not even the crazy shit is the first live concert of your life. They never tell you the feeling you have when get your first Driver's License. Or gets drunk for the first time.

They never tell you that love can be the worst feeling ever. But you are always gonna need it. And is always gonna look the best to you. Love is gonna come to you in a second, for some stupid reason, and then you are fucked. And that's pretty much it. No matter how strong or protected you are, is gonna drag you down and make you forget about everything around. They never tell you you are gonna love more than once. And that second chances are really rare, so you should go for your first ones with no fear. And that promises must be kept. So don't promise, unless you are gonna do it. They never tell you how easy is to live when you are not afraid. When you just do whatever you want the others to do to you. And that a smile means more than anything else.

They never tell you what to say to someone when is the last time you are gonna see each other. What you should say when someone you love is dying. Or how to say goodbye to someone you might never see again. That "see you later" sometimes is not enough. And that some words should be said more often than they are. And some feelings should be more important than anything else. And in the end, all you need is love.

"They" never tell you what is important to be told... So just live. And find out yourself.

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